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The Earth as a Parametric Oscillator, Instability and non-equilibrium thermodynamics

The earth has a multitude of variable cycles, the longest is the galactic orbital cycle, but they all contribute to its climate. The shortest cycle is the daily insolation cycle which is responsible for the energy which powers the climate and … Continue reading

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Insolation, Albedo and Atmosphere

 This paper will attempt to reconcile various issues within the current academic debate over the climate of the earth. I intend to show that the temperature of the earth is a function of various disparate parameters. The earth in its … Continue reading

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Evolution and Intelligence

 The model I have devised has CO2, CH4, O2 and Insolation in balance, the primary function of evolution in the biosphere has been to influence the composition of the atmosphere. Because of this even small unbalances of the ratio of … Continue reading

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