Free Will, Energy, and Climate Change the Paradox

I have for 4 years followed the discussions about climate, and as a lay person have had great difficulty in making my voice heard above the clamouring of claim and counter claim.

In this post I wish to explore the paradox of free will and climate change.

Much has been made of the mastery of the environment by ‘MAN’, but in truth humans live in a closed system and any apparent free will is constrained by this system. Much has also been made of the use of ‘FREE’ energy, to replace our use of fossil fuels, solar/wind energy being holy grails of the environmental movement.

Because the earth is a closed system, the choices for heat and light are constrained. We either use ‘free’ solar/wind/tidal/hydro energy, nuclear energy, or fossil fuels

But at its most fundamental level all these sources are nuclear energy, or gravitational energy, 2 of the fundamental components of our Solar System. At its most fundamental level our climate is driven by these same 2 energy sources.

Fossil fuels are the product of and the storage of solar energy by the internal biological and geological processes of this closed system, over millennia. We had no choice over the source of our energy for most of our evolution, except in the most rudimentary sense (coal or wood,/ash or oak/oil or gas) . We had no choice but to use this readily available energy supply


I believe that we evolved to recycle this available energy, in the process of obtaining this energy we also recycled fossil CO2,  but this outcome was also constrained by the system. We needed the energy to overcome the vagaries of the climate, and the earth needed the CO2 to also overcome the vagaries of the climate. There seems to be a theme developing here.


We freely developed and used systems and materials and liberated energy and CO2 that had been stored by the system, but these were the only products that the system would allow us to release, in any meaningful quantities. In our quest to exercise our free will all we did was act as a dumb agent of the system, and ultimately renewed the climate, for the benefit of all LIFE.


Part of the system. we are only the agent of liberation, just as in the past the biosphere was the agent of sequestration, We evolved to use this energy and paradoxically save the world.

Mad Mike



About madmikedavies

Retired Communications Engineer, living in Portugal. Interests are Cosmology, Earth Sciences, Organic farming, Climatology, Football, Golf, Birdwatching, and Dogs
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