Life the Universe and Everything (apologies to Douglas Adams)

Life on earth is primarily dependent on 4 variables.
The temperature of the earth is primarily dependent on 4 variables.
These 4 variables are both free and the same.
Variable 1 is sunlight
Variable 2 is H2O
Variable 3 is CO2
Variable 4 is O2 which was initially a waste product of life, but is essential both for animal life and as a control mechanism for the other 3 variables.

The key parameter of life on earth is 0 degC, which controls the sensitivity of the temperature of the earth,

H2O ice is the primary cyclical killer. (Glaciation and ICEHOUSE)
H2O vapour, H2O liquid, CO2, O2 and INSOLATION are essential to all life.

Taxes and/or profit on Water, CO2, Oxygen and SUNLIGHT are immoral

Ice may keep your gin (cola, whisky, vodka etc) cold but ICE will kill everything in the end.

Mad Mike from Junceira


About madmikedavies

Retired Communications Engineer, living in Portugal. Interests are Cosmology, Earth Sciences, Organic farming, Climatology, Football, Golf, Birdwatching, and Dogs
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