The Real truth about Anthropogenic Global warming

             Anthropogenic Global Warming is an internal parametric oscillation of the earths climate system.

             Parametric oscillations are an internal function of a system which are a response to but are not governed by the energy inputs of an oscillating system. For at least 200 Kyrs the evolution of the biosphere has been primarily in response to the falling average temperature of the earth. The main problem with parametric oscillations is that they are impossible to predict or measure as their effects are probably swamped by measurable effects, but nevertheless they control the resonance of the system .

               Evolution of the biosphere, in response to climate stress (ice ages) has led to profound changes. these changes will be listed below, in order of occurrence, but any discerning intellect will recognise  their importance in relation to the state of the modern world.

1. Evolution of Mammals

2. Evolution of Genus Homo

3. Human Intelligence

4. Discovery of Fire

5. Environmental Adaptability of Genus Homo

6. Geographical spread of Genus Homo

7. Invention of Agriculture

8. Agricultural revolution

9. Industrial revolution

10. Scientific revolution

             The evolution of the Genus homo has been intimately involved with the cooling of planet earth, and has attempted to apply a negative feedback to the cooling trend, fingerprints of this process can be found in the Vostok Temperature record. It has been stated by Ruddiman et al that early agriculture had a higher per capita carbon footprint than current populations, and the early hunter gatherer societies had an even higher per capita carbon footprint.

             For 100’s of Myrs the primary function of the biosphere has been to use CO2 as a fuel and therefore sequester carbon. The evolution of intelligence has created a tool to counter this effect. The principle reason that the carbon footprint of early humans was so high is that each individual had to have a much greater environmental impact to unbalance the existing negative temperature trend. Otherwise the heating effect of Homo Sapiens would have been swamped.~

             Despite the current hysteria and counter-arguments, the following appear to me to be self evident.

1. All human effects i.e. CO2 increase, Urban heat islands etc are part of the process 

2. CO2 is both a necessary and an inevitable outcome of our evolution.

3. Albedo is the enemy, and CO2 induced temperature increases are required for the foreseeable future



About madmikedavies

Retired Communications Engineer, living in Portugal. Interests are Cosmology, Earth Sciences, Organic farming, Climatology, Football, Golf, Birdwatching, and Dogs
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