The Triumph of Evolution


1. The Universe has evolved for 15 Byrs to a state where life has been able to evolve

2. The Milky Way has evolved with 2nd and 3rd generation stars which contain heavy elements. / for the purpose of this theory any element heavier than Carbon is the result of the previous evolution of the Universe.

3. The Solar system has evolved with a yellow dwarf long lived star {life of up to 20Byrs)

4. The Solar System has evolved a planetary system with both gas giants and rocky dwarf planets.

5. The EARTH has evolved as a planet with an atmosphere, liquid water and life because of its orbital charecteristics.
HabitabilitySee also: Planetary habitability
A planet that can sustain life is termed habitable, even if life did not originate there. The Earth provides the (currently understood) requisite conditions of liquid water, an environment where complex organic molecules can assemble, and sufficient energy to sustain metabolism.[143] The distance of the Earth from the Sun, as well as its orbital eccentricity, rate of rotation, axial tilt, geological history, sustaining atmosphere and protective magnetic field all contribute to the conditions believed necessary to originate and sustain life on this planet.[144]
In astronomy, the habitable zone (HZ) is the distance from a star where an Earth-like planet can maintain liquid water on its surface[1] and Earth-like life. The habitable zone is the intersection of two regions that must both be favorable to life;

6. The earth has evolved techtonically due to its composition and hydrosphere

7. Life has evolved because of the atmosphere and hydrosphere

8. The atmosphere has evolved because of the biosphere
The rising oxygen levels may have wiped out a huge portion of the Earth’s anaerobic inhabitants at the time. From their perspective it was a catastrophe (hence the name). Cyanobacteria were essentially responsible for what was likely the largest extinction event in Earth’s history
Either way the oxygen did eventually accumulate in the atmosphere, with two major consequences. First, it oxidized atmospheric methane (a strong greenhouse gas) to carbon dioxide (a weaker one) and water, triggering the Huronian glaciation.
Earth’s biosphere has significantly altered its atmosphere. Oxygenic photosynthesis evolved 2.7 billion years ago, forming the primarily nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere of today.

9. The biosphere has evolved in an attempt to counteract the actions of the lithosphere and the changes to the atmosphere and hydrosphere
Azolla has been deemed a “super-plant” as it can draw down as much as a tonne of nitrogen per acre per year[5] (0.25 kg/m²/yr); this is matched by 6 tonnes per acre of carbon drawdown (1.5 kg/m²/yr).

10. intelligence has evolved to counterant the cryosphere.

11. There is a theory called the goldilocks principle
which states that the earth serendipitously maintains a narrow band of temperature which is conducive to life.

12. The gist of my theory is that life has for 3 Byrs constantly evolved to maintain this narrow band of temperature, and is essentially its own goldilocks.

13. The evolution of mammals is an example of temperature regulation by an element of the biosphere.

14. Finally the triumph of evolution is that human intelligence has evolved to change the climate.

I have offered no proof, I am prepared to submit to any relevant body the necessary papers to prove my assertion that climate change is the natural consequence of human evoluton. or read them here

Mike Davies


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Retired Communications Engineer, living in Portugal. Interests are Cosmology, Earth Sciences, Organic farming, Climatology, Football, Golf, Birdwatching, and Dogs
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  1. I’ve been following your blog since you started. You have made amazing progress. This site is an inspiration for all pursuing a long transition versus the big chop.

    – Rob


    • Rob,
      Are you interested in climate change or blogging, I find people who like it, but very few who will engage in discussions with me.

      Please give me some constructive ideas/comments



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  3. Casque Monster Beats says:

    I truly adore like you would talk about these kinds of topic.


  4. Tienda Real Madrid says:

    My partner and i?meters favorable there are various a lot more nice circumstances in the long run for individuals who review your internet site.


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