5 Myr of Climate Change

most discussions centre around the short term climate shifts. The climate for the last 20kyr has been atypical as we should be currently under 1km of ice in northern europe. The answer is in the last 5 Myr of climate change where continental ice formation has increased the negative insolation by a factor of up to 5 see graph

temperature variation is +/- 1degC at Vostok temps >0degC
temperature variation is +/- 2degC at Vostok temps ave -2degC
temperature variation is +/- 5degC at Vostok temps ave -4degC

temperatures below 0degC and ice in any form but especially ice ages are animicable to carbon based life


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2 Responses to 5 Myr of Climate Change

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  2. Allison eviden says:

    will all change as a function a warming or cooling , which are not included in the standard climate sensitivity definition.


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