The Evolution of intelligence as a function of the Earth

Another logical outcome of my theory is that Human Evolution is a function of the evolution of the Earth. The theory states that we evolved our intelligence in the face of a cooling world and the reason for this was to reverse the cooling trend. Evolution of intelligence allowed us to control our environment, and as a consequence we changed the climate of the Earth. This process is irreversible as long as humanity survives, the next logical outcome is to achieve thermal equilibrium, which from the paleoclimate record is about 3degC warmer than current and requires a C02 level of 600ppm or roughly 3 times the Holocene average.


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Retired Communications Engineer, living in Portugal. Interests are Cosmology, Earth Sciences, Organic farming, Climatology, Football, Golf, Birdwatching, and Dogs
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3 Responses to The Evolution of intelligence as a function of the Earth

  1. Dane Spacey says:

    Hey Mike, just had a read of your articles, I’ve gotta say I’m completely clueless about your climate change idea, but having read this post I’d just like to point out some problems with your idea that the evolution of intelligence occurred as a function of the earth. Thats not the way evolution works I’m afraid, you seem to be suggesting a goal to evolution, that is, for humans to become intelligent enough to reverse the cooling trend. Evolution doesn’t have any purposes or goals, natural selection merely acts to increase a populations fitness because of the fundamental properties of heritability and differential survival. In our case this has resulted in profound cognitive abilities, but there was no design to this, no reason for it coming into being, other than the relative fitness increases that increased intelligence confers.


    • Dane,
      I am just exploring ideas, what I was trying to say is that homo sapiens evolved in a cooling world and one of the outcomes of our adaption to this was that we evolved as an intelligent lifeform. This is a given as the earth’s atmosphere has been cooling for over 20 Myr. see

      Most organisms adapt to an environment and then become seperate species from their ancestral stock. Conversely Humans have attempted to change their environment.

      The question is if we then caused climate change is this then one of the primary functions of our evolution, that is; is climate change a natural outcome of our evolution as a species, not as a function of design but as a consequence of evolution.
      Also if we had failed to stop the current ice age would we have been around now to argue about climate change. The current status of Humanity could be because of climate change, and not in spite of it.



  2. Serendipity,
    Maybe climate change is the serendipitous outcome of Human evolution.



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