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Retired Communications Engineer, living in Portugal. Interests are Cosmology, Earth Sciences, Organic farming, Climatology, Football, Golf, Birdwatching, and Dogs
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  2. Michael Davies
    Junceira Cao Sertainho
    21 DECEMBER 2009
    OF THE EUROPEAN UNION AS THE SOLE AUTHOR OF THIS WORK. I acknowledge the~owners of the freely available scientific literature and various websites on which I conducted my research. But the following designations are mine.

    1. Simple Atmospheric Astable Thermal Amplifier
    2. Anthropogenic Tuned Astable Thermal Amplifier
    3. Multi-state Tunable Atmospheric Thermal Amplifier
    4. Thermal Capacitance
    5. Atmospheric Capacitor

    Other new concepts introduced in the text will be similarly attested
    Not withstanding I freely give this theory to the scientific community for research and validation purposes. All necessary data-sets for the empirically derived theory are in the public domain.

    Executive summary
    I intend to give new insights into the realms of climatology, paleoclimatology and
    Milankovich cycles. In doing so I will draw down on my knowledge of simple electronic circuits and empirical evidence available in published data namely

    1. 420,000 years of ice core data from Vostok research station
    2. 65 Myr of Climate Change
    3. Greenland ice core data from the Holocene

    The millennial scale Climate of the earth appears exceedingly complex, but I intend to show that a simple intellectual construct of this climate engine can be given. The determination of this model assigns a constant to the general short term and chaotic effects of the Atmosphere and Biosphere, (attested as Global Constant). This figure is unknown but will be derived once a robust mathematical model is constructed.
    The model contains three components, the physical ( Atmosphere and Biosphere), the acting force and the feedback mechanism.
    I intend to call the pre-Halocene configuration of the engine the Simple Atmospheric
    Astable Thermal Amplifier and show that its amplitude *T is constrained by the GC and the action of a feedback mechanism.
    The force acting on this amplifier is total Insolation as described by various considerations of the Milankovich cycle.
    The feedback mechanism is atmospheric carbon dioxide and the action of this feedback
    mechanism is the constrainer of the amplitude.
    The major output of this model is the value *T which can be empirically derived from both the vostok graph and the 65Myr climate change graph.
    By considering the reasoning of this I can further deduce if theoretical non Insolation
    forcing events including glaciationare removed from the 65 Myr graph it has two major components, the *T harmonic and a curve directly related to average total atmospheric CO2. Furthermore the amplitude of *T is proportional to the Insolation at all points
    As a by product of the model it can be intellectually inferred from the graphs that the driver of current downward trend of total CO2 is natural Carbon sequestration. And I intend to describe this more fully later in the theory.
    I attest that this model is robust under geological timescales and as a product of the model the current era i.e. Halocene can be described.

    At the Holocene boundary a tipping point occurred, and I deduced that the Global Amplifier evolved. This iteration of the model I called the Tuned Astable Thermal Amplifier. I considered possible scenarios for the nature of this tipping point.
    But firstly I will describe the evolution of the Amplifier. At the tipping point the CO2
    concentration of the atmosphere uncoupled from the forcing cycle. There is a fingerprint of this event in the Vostok cores. The Amplifier took on the characteristics of a tuned electrical circuit or a mechanically damped system i.e., shock absorber, smoothing filter. This was my EUREKA moment. Firstly I considered how a simple tuned electrical cct works. Essentially this is an amplifier configuration with 4 connections they are +V, -V, input and output, the output is capacitively coupled. This configuration is amplitude constrained *V is the maximum amplitude
    and the output is delayed. The capacitor and load can be configured to manage the time constant of this cct. This is the general design I intuited and the analogous components of the design are *V computes to *T, the atmosphere is the Thermal Capacitor and the Biosphere is the load, the input is the Insolation and this is not modified at this point. In consideration of how I thought this new configuration worked, I iterated the design to a simple smoothing cct which has the following
    properties in respect to the alternating input. 1 delay, 2, signal spread and 3 attenuation of the amplitude. This to an approximation is the design of the climate engine.
    This model has the following properties which can be seen in the GISP graph of Holocene temperatures. A decay in amplitude, smoothing of temperature and a new baseline.
    Next I considered the nature of the tipping point and its relation to the source of CO2, my considered opinion is that it is Anthropogenic in origin. This will be explored later, the opinion is personal, the final iteration of this configuration I am calling the Anthropogenic Tuned Astable Thermal Amplifier, or conversely the Tuned Astable Thermal Amplifier
    This as described above was my eureka moment. This was the start of my journey, the
    previous version of the atmospheric engine was iterated backwards from model 2 to 1, tested robustly and reiterated forward where it evolved into model 3 and the final model.
    Finally I projected forward and evolved my design into the final model. This I have called Multi-state Tunable Atmospheric Thermal Amplifier
    The main body of the theory will cover the evidence for and the evolution of the model tested against the climate record, the calibration of the system, the evidence for the tipping point and the Anthropogenic component.
    The 3rd phase is more complex and requires considerable intellectual searching, although frm the title of the model 4 iteration you may infer its content to some extent.
    The developed theoretical model is empirically robust over geoligical timescales and
    appears robust in the Holocene. The implications of this have momentous consequences.
    Thanks to
    Milutin Malankovich
    Dr Iain Stewart
    Dr Bill Ruddiman
    for Inspiration

    And finally the process model FW: Life the Universe and Everything‏
    Mike Davies (madmike.davies@hotmail.com)
    22 December 2009 21:32:18
    bill ruddiman (wfr5c@virginia.edu)

    Can I submit to your university as my PhD thesis on you choose the category
    All, The process documented by Me for the first time

         Forgot to tell you how it works.
            1. The earth is heated by the energy of sunlight in a variable cycle
            2. The Atmospheric Thermal Amplifier controls the temperature and consists of the earth and some or all of its processes
            3. The control method is the carbon cycle
            4. The carbon cycle is the transfer of carbon between
            the Biosphere, Atmosphere, Ocean and  Lithosphere
            5. Humans now control the carbon cycle
            6, The Climate is now more stable than it has been in at least 65 million years
            7. We are now the principle driving force of the climate 
            8. The amplifier comes with a calibration curve, that  means we can decide how hot we want the bath water
    Mike Davies

    Calibration document can be found on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleocene%E2%80%93Eocene_Thermal_Maximum

    title 65 Myr of climate change


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